PS23 The Dedicated Collection

PS23 The Dedicated Collection



Dedication is the strongest force driving what we do at Decadent. Dedication is where the real art of passion comes from and gives us the purpose to create products with meaning.

We are dedicated to the one point of production we’ve had for so many years. This enduring partnership is responsible for the wide range of colours, styles, and the high level of quality and craftmanship.

We are dedicated to the quality that Decadent stands for and the un– compromising standards of production we have set for the brand; our no-waste policy, our high demands for social responsibility, and our exclusive production only on demand.

We are dedicated to creating bags that can fit into any woman’s wardrobe no matter age, style, or occasion. A relentless love for colors and new models, which can be versatile enough to fill any and every need and desire.

At Decadent, we are dedicated to ourselves and the belief we have put into the brand. This collection represents the dedication from every department, every step of the process, and every team member that together define what Decadent is and stands for today.